True Blue Collar

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This denim colored fabric is covered in Hearts and Love!

This large dog collar will fit necks from 14″ to 20″ inches and is 1″ wide.

•Lightweight nylon webbing for strength, durability and resistance to mildew.
•Quality quilting cotton sewn on with cotton/polyester blend thread.
•Double stitched stress points.
•Cast Nickel D-ring designed for use in dog collars
•Contoured Acetal side snap buckle for long life and fade resistance.
•Nylon adjuster and size guard.
•Made in my smoke free (but not dog free) home

Price: $18.95

Warming up

It’s been a while since I’ve cracked out the sewing machine.   There are a lot of reasons for this.  The main one is that when I have been getting home from my day job, I’m so brain dead that I really don’t want to do anything.  For the past few years, my job has been very boring.  This means that when I’m done for the day, my brain is asleep.  It’s incredibly hard to get motivated to do anything when  your brain is not in gear.

That’s changed. My job has now changed to where I’m using my brain.  I’m investigating and problem solving and for the most part, I’m coming home invigorated and inspired and really wanting to create things.  I cannot tell you how awesome this makes me feel!

So! I wanted to start sewing something relatively easy before I made any collars. I knew that I would need to warm up a bit before doing the precision work that the collars demand.

Although it’s unseasonably warm for Fall, there have been a few mornings that have been cold and my hands have gotten a bit chilly while walking the dogs.  I stumbled upon this nifty tutorial on making rice filled handwarmers.  I thought this would be a great place to start.

I dug through the stash to find a fabric that I wanted to use and came up with this pretty Firefly Fabric.  I cut a few pieces and folded them in half.

Inside out fabric

Then I sewed a seam around most of the way. Then I clipped the corners for easier turning.

Trimmed corners

Then I attempted to turn it inside out. … um..

erm... ok... sure.

I’ll used my fancy turning tool..  I spent a lot of money on this so I’m glad it’s getting some use.


Available at a gas station near you.


aw.. pretty. Raw edges are folded in

Then I filled it with rice.. but not all the way… just 3/4 of the way. Then I sewed it closed.   Since I have all these fancy stitch patterns on my machine I thought I’d roll with one to see what happens….I didn’t like how the unsewn edge looked so I threw a line of stitching across the top to neaten it up a bit.

Not sure how I feel about that stitch



Pop those suckers into the microwave for about a minute.   I’ve read you can do up to two, but one minute was pretty darn hot.  I shoved them in my pockets and looked at the time.  After about 25 minutes, they were still pretty warm.  After 45, they had cooled considerably.  I’m interested to see how they do outside on a cold day inside a winter coat pocket.

A few things to consider:

  1. Use only 100% cotton fabric.  I worry that synthetic fibers would get all melty
  2. I’m reminded of the time my brother made a cake that called for 2 cups of coffee.  Being the literal creature that he is, he used two cups of coffee grounds.  So, just to be clear: uncooked rice, mmmkay?
  3. I had this idea to add some lavender oil to my first set of rice bags.  I just put a tiny drop of oil inside each bag.  Although this does smell lovely when being heated up, it will cause other members of your family wonder why the microwave smells of flowers and question how their food will taste after using the microwave for it’s intended purpose.  So, Idon’t recommend this … at all

Things are looking up!

Well things are starting to look up around here!  I’ve gotten the offical go ahead from my Brother in Law to use the disclaimer I have posted here on the website, which is VERY exciting!

That means I can start making collars to sell! Yay!

Oh. Wait.

Well, I need a bit of organizational stuff to get out of the way first.  I’ve got to get all the icky accounting bits done, get my authority to collect sales tax and inventory all the stuff I have.

Oh Bother.

Unfortunately, it’s very necessary.

But at least things are moving in the right direction!

And.. we’re back on hold

So here I was, merrily clicking along updating the website and really looking into getting things up and rolling.. and thought.. hmmm.. should I get an EIN?

Heck, it’s time to take advantage of the brother in law.  He is a tax attorney after all.  I should be reaping the inferred familial benefits.

BIL says “you know, if a collar fails and someone gets hurt, do you really want to lose your house?”.

errr… um.. no.. not really.

Then he starts tossing out things like “S Corps” and “personal liability” and such.

That’s when I metaphorically curled up into a little ball of whimpering Jello that was mindlessly chanting “paperwork-paperwork-accountability-really-a-real-business-omg-scared”.

In my day job, I push paper ALL day.  I wasn’t looking forward to pushing MORE paper at home.. but maybe it’s time to buck up and decide if I’m actually going to do this ( and this.. and this and it’s corresponding book) or if I’m going to continue to fritter along sort of kind of “maybe” doing this.

I am an attention seeker. I know this about myself.  I love the attention that comes from “ooh! you MADE that?”   It’s a character flaw that I’m well aware of.

Could be worse.. I could be seeking attention by, oh I dunno, getting super drunk and dancing on bars.. or rambling on and on about myself on a blog.. (oh.. wait)

I’ll be putting together some ideas and questions about S corps.. I got over my initial OMGNOOOOO! in about a week.

I guess I’m ready to deal with this now.

Holy Guacamole! A Post!

Yes, it’s true.. after a long hiatus (since March 2010) I’m coming back.

Right now I’m working on inventory. I need to set up shop the right way this time. Part of the reason why I had to take time off was that I just let things get out of control.

I mean, really, I started this as a hobby. I was making collars for my own dogs and started selling them on the side.. next thing I new I was up to my eyeballs in fabric and special requests and paperwork and basically overwhelmed.

But I’ve learned a few things about myself. I’ve learned that I can’t do special requests. I just don’t have the time and I don’t have the kind of personality that does well with requests. I seem to take it as a personal challenge.. it’s a really weird thing. I can’t say that I understand it but it causes me more stress than it’s worth. This is supposed to be fun!

I found that I had also put too much pressure on myself to be “The Best Darn Collar Maker in the WORLD!”. That’s just plain silly. Lot’s of people are making collars. We all may do things a smidge different here and there but basically it’s like saying “I’m going to make the best darn chicken pot pie in the world!” That’s so impossible. I think I’ve gotten over myself on that one.

I’m going to start by putting things back in the Etsy Shop and will eventually roll out the shop here on the website.

I’m really looking forward to getting back into sewing. Every time I finish something, I look at it and just admire it.. I’m always so proud of what I produce.

So keep your eyes peeled folks!  Keep track of updates by either Following me on Twitter or Clicking that Like Button on Facebook