Website Lunacy

I’ve been slooooowly reinstalling things and reuploading things.  I’ve added a few new things to the shop.. but not much.  I spent a little time working on the photo gallery today.
Purple Spots

I’m really hoping to knock out a lot more work on the site.

The Plan:

  • Make a collar
  • Take pics
  • Upload to store
  • Create a Buy it Now Option
  • Create a Build Your Own Option
  • Upload pic of Fabric to Gallery
  • Link Gallery Pic to Build your own Option.

Why so many steps?

Because I’m running three software installations.  Tonight I was working on making the description of the picture in the photo gallery sit where I wanted it to.

Meh.  Smarty Tags, php, html, css..  fun fun fun!

Anyway, It’s coming along.

You can see what Monster I’ve created by following these links:

Buy It Now: Medium Purple Spot Collar

Purple Spot: Build Your Own Option

Purple Spot: Image Gallery

I think I’m insane.

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